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About us

About us

We fulfill dreams of personal freedom.


Throughout the world, Harley-Davidson unites people deeply, passionately and authentically. 

From town to town and country to country, H-D’s ideals of freedom and self-expression transcend cultures, gender and age. Being recognized as an iconic brand is gratifying, but igniting the fire within people in riding on the saddle of a Harley-Davidson on the many winding roads of Mauritius Island is what we are all about. 

Harley-Davidson® motorcycle riders come from diverse backgrounds. What they all have in common regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity is that they are all freedom-loving, adventure-seeking individuals who aspire to the values Harley-Davidson.

On our quest to foster the incredible feeling of personal freedom you get from behind the handlebars of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, we welcome all who share these values and a desire to achieve their dreams and enjoy the world on a H-D® motorcycle.


Our objectives are as bold as the brand itself.


Grow the Harley-Davidson way of life  

It's building a true enthusiasm that will bring the excitement around Harley-Davidson® Mauritius. These efforts are squarely on inspiring new riders who will one day carry the torch for our passion and our brand. We are fully committed to positively impact the Island through our brand culture and services to help building the next generations of new riders.


Grow our Market


We’re growing our reach and brand awareness in the Mauritian Tourism market as we build the next generation of new riders globally. We're finding ways of making Harley-Davidson® motorcycles more accessible for our local clients to fulfill their dreams of owning an iconic Harley-Davidson®.


Launch All-New H-D® motorcycles

Our product plan is very aggressive, and we can’t wait to show what’s next.
High impact, iconic motorcycles, and a beautiful Mauritius Island will bring the experience to another level. 


Grow Our Business without Growing Our Environmental Impact

We are all responsible for our impact on our Planet.
Harley-Davidson® Mauritius will also pay close attention to our environmental and social impact.