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Average Discount Rates

 1-2 days             Standard Rate

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You must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid motorcycle class driver's license and a major credit card.

We accept a current and valid driver’s license from your home country with the proper class or endorsement permitting you to ride the motorcycle, or equivalent of the motorcycle, you are renting.

Licenses issued from the European Union (Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden):

· A1/A2 – Will allow you to rent scooters.

· A – Will allow you to rent motorcycles or scooters.

· B1 – Will allow you to rent three-wheeled vehicles.

Licenses issued from Canada:

· Class 6 designation – For all provinces except for Ontario

o Ontario

§ Class M1: Will allow you to rent motorcycles and scooters during daylight hours with speed limit no more than 80 km/h on limited highways. Please view here for more details.

§ Class M2: Will allow you to rent motorcycles.

§ Class M: Will allow you to rent motorcycles or scooters.

§ Class M Condition M: Will allow you to rent three-wheeled vehicles.

Licenses issued from Australia:

· R-Date – Will allow you to ride scooters.

· R – Will allow you to ride motorcycles or scooters.

Licenses issued from Brazil:

· Category A - designation on your driver’s license to ride any motorcycle or scooters.

Rental reservations booked more than 15 days before pick-up date, a minimum deposit of 30% is due at the time of booking.

A security deposit of MUR 50,000.00 will be required when you are picking up your motorcycle. 
The security deposit will be deducted against the available balance on your credit card. 
Once your motorcycle is returned on time and free of damage, the security deposit will be released.

Rental rates are based on 24-hour increments. If you pick up the bike at 10:00 a.m. it is due back by 10:00 a.m. the agreed upon day. We offers rate discounts starting for rentals of 7 days or more. We also offer competitive group rates.

All motorcycles are presented with a full tank at the start of your rental, and should be returned with a full tank. If your motorcycle is returned with less than a full tank of fuel, you will incur a refueling charge.

We provide you with a 24-Hour Breakdown Telephone Number you can call for immediate assistance.

If you secure your rental with a credit/debit card, we will charge the security deposit on the day you pick up your rental vehicle. Your security deposit might be held by your bank for up to 45 days. After that, it will be automatically released in full unless we charge any damages, traffic violations or any other necessary charges against it.

If you lose your rental motorcycle key, expect to pay for its replacement. Lost key fee varies per motorcycle model (approximately Rs 9,000.00 MUR - Rs 11,000.00 USD per key).

Roadside Assistance Coverage provides towing and roadside assistance if your motorcycle becomes inoperable.

If you have purchased Roadside Assistance Coverage and your motorcycle becomes inoperable and you need emergency road service towing (within 30 miles of occurrence), fuel delivery of up to 2 gallons, or jumps start services, you must call +230 5 904 72 92 for these services to be covered. 

In purchasing the Roadside Assistance Coverage, we will waive the cost of any approved tow or road side assistance service unlimited. These services are only covered during the duration of your rental agreement and end on the date and time that your contract notes Date/Time Due In. 

If you have not purchased the coverage and need Roadside Services, you may be billed for services rendered.

Store credits can only be used by and for the individual it was given to.

All store credits expire 1 year after they are issued.

In the unfortunate case of unsafe weather conditions, we will issue store credit for you to reschedule your ride.